Documents - TLRA Rodeo 2020

Here is where to find all the documents related to participation in the 22th Annual Texas Lineman's Rodeo at the GBRA - Nolte Island Park in Seguin, Texas. Below are the various required documents you will need as a participating Journeyman Team or Apprentice. For those that would like to judge or assist with the events at the Texas Lineman's Rodeo, these documents are also available and are listed below.

All Registration documents are available as an Adobe Acrobat document for download onto your computer. To view a particular document, simply click on the icon associated with that document.

To download the Adobe Acrobat version of a document, simply right click the icon and select "Save Target as..." .

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Rodeo Information

Information Packet

contains information reguarding the Rodeo for all participants and volunteers. Must have document

Infraction Definition

Rules pertaining to equipment, events and conduct at the rodeo

Rodeo Agenda

This includes all dates and times for the various events before, during and after the Rodeo

Field Layout

Layout of the 2019 TLRA Rodeo Event.


Journeyman Entry Form

Must be completed and received no later than May 15, 2020 or late fees will apply.

Apprentice Entry Form

Must be completed and received no later than May 15, 2020 or late fees will apply.

Release Form

For ALL participants, must be filled out and turned in with registration form.

Bar-B-Q Cookoff

BBQ Rules & Regs.

Information for those participating in the BBQ Cookoff at the Rodeo./p>

BBQ Registration Form

For those that will be participating at the BBQ Cookoff at the Rodeo Event. Please apply before the July 1, 2019 Deadline.

Fire Control Plan

Fire Safety and Control Plan for GRA Nolte Island. TLRA has implemented rules for the Rodeo and BBQ Cookoff.


Judges Information

Information for those that will be a Judge at the Rodeo Event.

Judges Registration Form

For those that will be judging at the Rodeo Event. Please apply before the May 15, 2020 Deadline


Nolte Island Rules

GBRA's rules pertaining to the use of the Rodeo Facilities at Nolte Island Park.

Volunteer Registration Form

All Volunteers must fill out and turn for those volunteering at the TLRA Rodeo.


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