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The crowds are gone, Nolte Island has been cleaned and the only thing left are the poles that remind us of the recent rodeo.  As we drove to inspect the island on Tuesday evening, the turkeys were picking through the mulch around the pole climb, the deer were traveling across the parking area to seek the tender grasses under the pecan trees in the BBQ area.  The armadillos were once again digging for grubs and worms.  Nolte Island has been returned to Nature for another year.

 The TLRA Board of Directors wishes to thank all of those that made the 18th Annual Rodeo a huge success.    First and foremost, GBRA for being the gracious host and allowing us to hold the rodeo on such a beautiful island. Next, it is the volunteers, sponsors and vendors commitment and dedication that make the Texas Lineman's Rodeo a venue that is economically feasible for all those that come out to watch and learn what electric utility Apprentices and Linemen do everyday to keep the power flowing in the great State of Texas. 

 Our electric utility linemen are a tough breed of individuals that have one common goal; to work together in teams to serve the public and provide a network system of structures and conductors to bring electricity to our farms, cities, businesses and industries. You are the backbone that powers Texas and America like no other nation on earth.  You are the Superheros that answer the call day and night when someones lights go out.  You are the ones that are the first to respond whenever man or Mother Nature devastates an area and you work tirelessly to replace what is damaged and get the power flowing again.  No matter how much technology is utilized to limit the size of outages or damage, it will always take "Lineman's boots on the ground" to make sure that this state and country keep our electric system alive.  Thank you for all you do.

 The TLRA Board also wants to thank all of the utilities and competitors that came down to showcase your skills.  It takes an additional level of commitment to step up and put your reputation on the line in front of your peers, managers, family and several thousand spectators that are in absolute awe of your skills.  It is that commitment that makes the Texas Lineman's Rodeo one of the best competitions in the nation.  I can assure you that the teams that compete in Texas often go on to the International Lineman's Rodeo in Kansas and show the world that Texas has some of the best Linemen on this big blue ball we call home. 

 The TLRA Annual Board meeting is scheduled for August 20th, and we will review the 2014 rodeo and begin the planning process for the 2015 Texas Lineman's Rodeo.  We welcome your feedback and ideas on how we can continue to improve the Rodeo for everyone involved.  If you cannot make the meeting, please feel free to contact us through the TLRA website and give us your ideas. 



May God Bless you with a safe and prosperous year.
TLRA Board of Directors
TLRA Rodeo Advisory Board


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