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2015 TLRA Rodeo
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2015 TLRA Rodeo


Welcome to the 2015 Texas Lineman’s Rodeo and to the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority’s Nolte Island Recreation Area. Once again, we have a great venue to offer the families and utilities who participate in a fun-filled weekend of competition, food, fellowship and entertainment while enjoying the natural and beautiful surroundings of Nolte Island.

 This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Texas Lineman’s Rodeo Association, and we are honored and blessed to have you celebrate it with us throughout the weekend’s festivities. Since the start of the Association, the TLRA Board of Directors and Advisory Board have worked tirelessly to provide the utilities a way to showcase the exceptional talents of the hardest working and best trained linemen in the Nation. The Apprentices and Journeyman Linemen who participate in the Texas Lineman’s Rodeo continue to dominate the Lineman’s Rodeo scene by consistently taking top honors at other rodeos including the worldwide championship of the International Lineman’s Rodeo in Bonner Springs, Kansas.

 As you will see from the agenda, this year’s Rodeo will once again offer a great golf tournament to benefit the scholarship fund, a challenging competition for journeymen and apprentices alike, and a BBQ cookoff in addition to the trade night and fish fry slated for Friday night. When you add to that a family-friendly venue, everyone is ensured a good time.

 In addition, we ask you to join us in paying tribute this year to the men and women of the law enforcement and fire departments in their work as “first responders” and saving lives. Just like the first responders, the electric utility linemen are also out there making sure to keep law enforcement and firefighters safe as we remove the dangers of downed lines and poles. Linemen are the true but unrecognized backbone of America and should be included in the core group of first responders as well. Without the American Lineman, much of the world would still be in the dark. There would be no power for hospitals or homes, no power to preserve food, and our country could not be the industrialized leader of the world. Without a doubt, life would not be same without power and the linemen who risk their lives daily to distribute it. Of course, we are not in any way minimizing the courageous work of fire and law enforcement personnel, but our job doesn’t stop at the end of the shift, it goes on every second of every minute of every hour of every day. When Mother Nature throws her worst at us, we lace up our boots, grab our tools and work until all the power is restored. We put aside anniversaries, birthdays and other personal plans to make sure that our fellow Americans have the power of light. We drive as much or more than most and save lives every day as we strive to provide 100% power, to 100% of those who need it, 100% of the time. Linemen are truly another version of the American Hero.

 As you enjoy the weekend, please take a few minutes to thank the utilities, sponsors, vendors and manufacturer/suppliers who have donated the funds and materials to make the 2015 Rodeo a reality. Also please recognize and thank the volunteers that work so hard to make your stay in Seguin and on Nolte Island a good and safe one. God has blessed us as Americans with many freedoms and a lifestyle that the rest of the world would like to enjoy. This is the greatest nation the world has ever seen and we, as Linemen, are proud to be a part of lighting it up!

 May God Bless,

 TLRA Board of Directors



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